NASA / Moore Boeck Inc.

Moore Boeck designs, builds, and maintains centralized web technology for NASA with a focus on space-based Earth science.

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Based in Los Angeles, Moore Boeck was founded in 2009 by Justin Moore and Andrea Boeck and currently has 14 employees.

Justin's previous work with Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA's Global Climate Change and Exoplanet Exploration Program led to developing a technology platform that serves NASA more broadly, and the team was grown as demand and complexity increased. Discovery workshops with NASA science and public outreach teams clarified needs and goals, and workflows were developed to support daily collaboration.

Moore Boeck has completed hundreds of projects for NASA, executing 20-30 projects concurrently through multiple NASA centers. It operates sustainably without capital investment or other outside funding. Moore Boeck has won 2 Emmies, 2 NASA Space Act Awards, and more than 20 Webbies.

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