Installation at Cirrus Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, September 11-30, 2004.

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Derived from noirish online games created for the entertainment industry, this installation depicts various configurations of stock female and male avatars driven by simplistic and dysfunctioning algorithms. The multimedia artworks dialogue to form a non-linear narrative.

The main gallery's video projection depicts the avatars alternately rotating to face three large volcanic landscape paintings representing an identical form in different stages of rendering.

The floor projection in the rear gallery runs continuously on computer code copied and modified from a game.

Genesis runners detail
Syntax Error: the End of Time, detail. A drawing that depicts all of the individual frames of a female and male digital avatar running in place, merging in the center in a failing attempt to re-integrate in time and space. Inspired by the effect of code that creates an accidental effect.
Genesis installation 1
  • Genesis installation 4 550x413
  • Genesis installation 2
  • Genesis 3 installation
  • Genesis 5 installation